Social Media

Here are the recommended social media sites to expand your social media footprint (you don't have to be in all of them - but at least two):


The go to site for professionals. Most members use LinkedIn to exchange information. The rest use it as a database to hire or actively seek employment. LI can be used extensively to research companies and seek out jobs.


This is the site for “instant” information as it happens. Many times companies will tweet information as the “announcement” of an acquisition, a reorganization etc. before they use other media outlets. Jobs (even executive positions) are being tweeted.


Did you know that professional networking is enhanced using this platform? Personal branding is reinforced with pictures.


This site not only helps you to form an “invitation only” interactive discussion group but also captures the information for the group.


Yes, Facebook is growing up. Recruiters are increasingly using this platform to find candidates. The key here is to be careful. Only post information that is relevant to your career. Much like LinkedIn.


I am on Pinterest. I have exchanged career management and job search insights with coaches all over the world.The platform uses both text and graphics to communicate ideas. . Research shows that we absorb new information more quickly that way.