Personal Branding

So what is it?

It is a statement (or statements) that succinctly says what you do. It describes what your impact is on a company. It is not about your title, it does not describe the “how”, or your process. It is simply about your impact. In business there are two ways to have impact. You either impact revenue (sales, marketing and business development) or productivity.

Why is it important?

Everyone on this planet is unique. Unfortunately, most resumes and online profiles all look the same! Your Personal Brand differentiates you from everyone else. After all, you are different.

So what then is a Value Proposition?

It is the application of your Personal Brand to solve a specific problem or problems for an organization. Each of us has a list of strengths and capabilities that are considered “features”. A “benefit” occurs when there is a match between your features and the need of an organization. That value proposition will change with every interview you have.

To sum up, whether you are employed or unemployed, a well thought out Personal Branding statement allows you to answer the question “What do you do?” with complete confidence.

If you need help in establishing your Personal Brand, email me with Personal Branding in the subject line.