Boomer Corner

Here we are - 76 million of us born between 1946 and 1964. A quality shared by Boomers is an ongoing need to have “purpose”. We want to contribute in all aspects of our lives - as a partner, a parent, a professional.

Many of us are postponing retirement. Yet, most of us have experienced “age discrimination” looking for full time employment. Maybe you've retired but are experiencing a desire for more meaning or you need to augment your income as you enter the “Golden Years”.

Like every generation before us, we are now looking at our legacy. It is time to pass the torch to another generation. The Gen X'ers have been patiently waiting for their turn at running an organization. It's an opportunity for us to assume the roles of advisors and mentors. We can help them be successful.

I can help you map out a plan to define your purpose and/or develop a portfolio career plan with multiple revenue streams based on what you enjoy doing.

We have a finite time left on planet earth. How do YOU want to spend it?

Email me with “Boomer Corner” in the subject line to set up an appointment to discuss your situation further.