The Interview Tune Up

The anxiety a candidate experiences can be right up there with public speaking (It was Jerry Seinfeld who quipped: “I'd rather be in the casket than give the eulogy”.)

Unfortunately many candidates see an interview as an exam. There are right answers and wrong answers. While that may be true in an initial qualifying or screening interview, in all other interviews, it is more about how you answer the question. Do you have confidence in your answer?

Too often, both the interviewer and the candidate are not in “active listening mode” - they are too busy thinking about the next question or formulating a response. This often happens when one side is “talking too much”.

Careful preparation can make or break the interview. It helps you to create an alliance with the interviewer as you both focus as a team on the “fit”. You are equal stakeholders in the outcome of the interview.


1) THE 35 MOST DIFFICULT QUESTIONS YOU CAN EVER BE ASKED IN AN INTERVIEW. There are questions for those interviewing for management position and for all others. You don't get the answers. Rather, you get advice on “how” to answer the questions. Click Interview Questions for the FREE PDF document.

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