Corporate Services

Outplacement / One on One

The world changes quickly; ”team fit” has a finite life as well…

Once a key person no longer fits the new direction the company requires; termination, as tough as can be, follows. As such you may be reluctant to refer the employee to a standard outplacement service.

”Special Case Employee” service. The one on one career coaching offers the following:

Each outplacement engagement is customized based on the client's strengths. Adequate use of social media and follow through on the outlined career plan is essential. The client's execution of each step is evaluated with appropriate feedback.

Individual Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching today encompasses more than remedial action to ”fix” an employee. Rather today's employees can feel stuck in their current position, looking to make a career change.

Career coaching can support getting back on track by finding and encouraging career passion, rediscovering talent, strengths and values. Career coaching can nurture the ability to use a cognitive approach when dealing with fear, overcoming challenges and obstacles, improving performance, increasing confidence and self esteem. Allowing this will enhance your ability to learn new skills and avoid potential mistakes.

Email me with COACHING SERVICES in the subject line. Let's have a private conversation about how individual coaching services can help your organization.